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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahhh- Coffee!

Just woke up from sleeping after my night shift last night. I've got a list here of the Gift Card Holders I need to get made today for my Etsy orders. These are turning out to be my most popular item! I guess it helps that I've posted them as a 3-for-the-price-of-2 special. Everybody loves getting a little something extra with an order:-)
One of the fun things about selling online is seeing how far and wide your items are traveling. Today, 3 sets of Gift Card Holders will be going out. One each to California, Wisconsin and Burnaby, BC (very close by) Once I get my website set up to be more than links back to here and Etsy, I'd like to have a map where I can show where I've shipped things.

Yesterday's craft fair was so different than the others I have attended. Very low-key. It was a dark, rainy, gray day. I'm not sure if that was the only thing that contributed to the low turn out, but it was incredibly quiet. Maybe lots of other things going on this weekend in the area? Hard to really say. Jon came with me which was much appreciated because we had a chance to spend time together and we made it fun. Turns out, I ended up making really good sales anyway-- mainly to other vendors! I sold my favorite little Blue Raspberry Mini Backpack, which was very exciting. I knew I would find someone to love it:-)

Actually, there were TWO buyers who wanted to purchase it, so I'm making another one for buyer number two. Custom orders are so fun because I can add features that the customer would prefer to make it just right for them.

On a different note completely: Jon sent me a link last evening to a site with recipes for making bath bombs. These look like fun to make and I want to try it! I really have to focus on Juicybags this week though as I have another show booked for this Friday/ Saturday.

"A Real Gem"
Jewelry and Accessories Gift Show and Sale

Friday, Dec 5 (6-9 pm)
Saturday, Dec 6 (10 am to 4 pm)

Ocean Park Community Hall
1577- 128th St, South Surrey

1 comment:

CT said...

Some of my best sales have come from other vendors at slow shows. I guess we have more time to talk and look at everything around us. I have to be careful cause I can end up spending a ton also! LOL - CT