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Thursday, November 6, 2008

First try at a laptop sleeve

I was attempting to make a laptop sleeve, but I ended up with it being exactly the right size for a MacBook. I'm just not sure I want to make lots of these- it was a bit challenging.
I do love the inside- it's so soft and cushy- I just want to curl up inside it. I used 2 layers of quilt batting so it's really nicely cushioned. Oh, and it's hard to see here, but it has a zipper across the top to close it.

I listed it for sale in my shop with more pictures here:
Padded Macbook Sleeve


TheEye said...

Turned out nice :)

PoshPlushies said...

Looks very good, turned out nice. Things are usually hard the first time you make them. Are you going to put some kind of fastener on because I know when I've had sleeves before the danger is picking it up upside down and the laptop crashes out! A strap and fastener across the middle would prevent this unless it's a really snug fit :)

Helen said...

It's got a zipper across the top- guess I should have mentioned that!

Carrie G said...

very cute! I love the custom order bag. So cute. Nice little blog you have, here!

Helen said...

Thank you Carrie- going to check out your blog now;-)

Teresa said...

That looks cool! I think they turned out really nice. What a unique way to carry around your Mac! :)