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Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy week here

It's been so busy here. I've been working every day this week, and trying to get things made for my next craft show...tomorrow! This one is here:

Sunnyside Elementary School Click the link for info and address.

The other day I spent hours making a whole bunch of Gift Card Holders. These seem to be really popular. So many people are buying gift cards now. It's so much easier than trying to find exactly the right gift. Last year I gave my 18 year old daughter a Mall gift card which was valid for nearly every store in a HUGE mall near us. She was thrilled because she went shopping AFTER Christmas and hit all the sales! She ended up with things I wouldn't have been able to buy for her at holiday prices.

The holders are such a fun way to present a card and can be used as coin purses after 'gifting' or as an ID or bus pass holder.

I made another batch of bi-fold wallets and finished them last night. Today I need to try to get some more pencil cases done and maybe a few more clutch wallets. I have no idea when I'm going to do it though! I'm working 12 hours today until 8 pm and I have to be at the craft fair at 8 am for set up in the morning!

I wish I'd had time to get to my favorite Thrift Store this week, because I really need some more denim to use for making bags. They sell jeans there for $1 a pair. Can't beat that! Well, I didn't have time to make more bags this week anyway, so I'll be sewing next week when I'm off work. I have a 2-day show the first weekend in December, so I'll need to work on my stock for that.

After that- it's Christmas shopping time. I bought a nice second-hand TV for Devon for playing his XBOX games on at a good price from a co-worker. For Alison, I think she could really use a new digital camera. She is going traveling in January with a friend. They have hopes of ending up in Europe and then on to Australia. They are starting by going to Texas to see her ex-step-mom and half-sibs. (wow, their titles are getting really complicated) She says she plans to work there to save enough money to go on to Europe. At least she can legally work in the US since she was born there. I wish her luck- I say travel now while you're young and have the freedom! Of course I will worry, but I think it will be a great experience for her.


pickleberries said...

What a great idea to market your coin purses for gift card envelopes!

Helen said...

Thanks! It was actually an Etsy customer who gave me the idea. She convo'd me, asking if a gift card could fit in my coin purses. My original coin purses were rounded out on the bottom and a card doesn't fit into them, so I started making square-bottomed purses that can fit a card. Worked out great! (and she bought 2 as well)

Michelle said...

Those are great Helen! We have 5 nieces that will love them,I'll talk to you soon about meeting again.Oh and Pencil case for Miss. ;-) have a great day.

CT said...

Excellent idea! - CT