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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Lessons Learned

1) Don't try to drive yourself to the pharmacy to get Benadryl when you're having a serious allergic reaction.

2) Keep some Benadryl in a secret stash at home for emergencies.

3) Wax your legs, even though it's the Fall and you aren't showing your legs much- you never know who might see them:-(

...I took the first dose of some antibiotics tonight, and within a couple of minutes, my legs started to itch, then my stomach, then my arms. Hives started breaking out on my skin all over. I dug through the medication cupboard and box and of course- NO benadryl to be found. Grabbed the keys and told Jon I was having an allergic reaction and was going to the pharmacy for some benadryl.
Traffic jam on nearby road leading to the store because it's rush hour. Itching is getting worse. Hives spreading. Heart pounding.....
Get to the pharmacy, run inside and grab benadryl package off the shelf. RUDELY butt in front of man talking to the pharmacist at the counter. Trying to be polite, try to ask for a glass of water as I am having an allergic reaction to a medication...but my voice is GONE. My throat is starting to close up. I can't talk but my breathing is still ok.
The pharmacist calmly asks over her shoulder for a glass of water. Nobody responds- I don't think they heard her. She goes back to helping the other customer.
Luckily, another pharmacist seems to notice I need help and comes over to to ring up my purchase. I croak out that I need a glass of water urgently to take the benadryl and that my throat is swelling. Somebody brings it quickly and another pharmacist is on the phone calling 911.
Within minutes, I am surrounded by paramedics and a stretcher and BP cuffs, etc. ALS (advanced life support team) has been called, but I tell them- no thanks, I don't think I need to be intubated today!!! Breathing is okay, just throat feels very tight. One of the paramedics wants to see the hives, so he pulls up my pant leg. OMG-- I haven't waxed in AGES. They must think I'm a mountain Why am I worried about my hairy legs when my throat is closing? Because I am a woman, that's why!

Off to the ER via ambulance. Called hubby: They are taking me to the ER, no-I'll be okay, yes- I forgot my cell phone, again, Yep- I'll call you when I need picking up.
Chat to cute paramedics about nursing and EMT-ing and stuff. One of them keeps asking to see the hives, cringe as I lift my pant leg each time. I think he just wants to see if my legs are as hairy as he thought the first time he looked...LOL.

Get to ER-get scolded by ER nurse about trying to drive to pharmacy alone- hang my head in shame... and wait about an hour for the ER doc. Falling asleep from drowsiness effect of Benadryl, but itching has stopped and throat is feeling better- whew. Called hubby to come pick me up. Nearly left before seeing doc, but he came in just in time. Now I'll take some steroids for a few days to keep the reaction from coming back and see my own doc about a different antibiotic.

Thinking about a medic-alert bracelet now:-)
Scary stuff, but lessons learned.


CarmenNC said...

That's scary. I'm glad you're better. It's winter, I'm keeping the fur on my legs!

Circular Logic said...

I second what carmennc said :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, we need the extra layer of warmth. Only one reason to shave/wax once fall hits. Going to a formal and don't want to ruin your nylons.

Manderly-Rose said...

wow, I had a similar experience with Sulpha once. The itch is terrible. You poor thing! I hadn't shaved that day either...

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That's so scary. I am glad you are okay now.

Paula said...

OMG what a story...and I love your lessons learned! Exactly why I shave every single day without fail

CT said...

The hairy legs are just fine...If you had shaved you would have been saying to yourself, "And I shaved my legs for this?!?" Glad your and no more drugs please! - CT