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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prettiest Tomatoes I've ever seen!

I've just been reading some of my favorite blogs tonight. I have to share with you the amazing tomatoes that the girls from Modern Cottage grew this year. The pictures are making me salivate!
Pretty Tomatoes

The reason this is blog-worthy is because I grew my own tomato plants this year. In fact, they are pretty much the only thing I've ever grown successfully from a seed (apart from some sunflowers and maybe a couple of pea plants) My mom gave me a little gift-kit for growing heirloom tomatoes.
There were 4 types of seeds in the package, but I think only one type actually took hold and grew. I ended up re-planting it into a large patio planter, moved it onto the back deck, and it grew to about 5 feet high in no time. I was so excited when the first little green tomatoes appeared and took some pictures:-) They are little cherry tomatoes (not sure what variety as I don't know which of the 4 types survived) and they taste fabulous- store bought can't even compare! Here they are the first day we noticed them appearing.

Next year, I'm definitely going to try growing full-size tomatoes. We use lots of canned tomatoes in our cooking. Why not grow our own? I will use Beth and Meredith's tip with the red Christmas ornaments too- what a neat trick.

Now, if I could just get this darn Fall and Winter stuff out of the way so I can get started...

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