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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday bits and bobs

Just picked up my stock from the craft fair they were on display at this weekend. Yesterday the traffic was so slow through the venue that the organizer didn't charge me the second days' table rental. I made a few sales though, and I didn't have to stay there, so I'm still glad to have participated. Next year I think I will have a better idea of the types of shows I want to be involved in. I think this year will be a good learning experience.

Today Amanda from Vancity Concierge is coming over. She is going to choose some of my products to use as sample gifts in her display for her table at the Mompreneur Holiday Tradeshow which is taking place at the Roundhouse in Vancouver Nov 22 (click the link for more info) Cool- I just noticed that she's got one of my bags on her blog.
Nice format on your blog Amanda;-)

I was contacted by Lynn this week, who has a company called Celebrate Green to do a Juicybags coupon for her coupon page. Email me if you'd like to be on the email list and I'll send you a coupon- 50% off one of my most popular products! Check out her website. They have amazing links for living green and healthy.

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B Squared Twice said...


I am just now putting two and two together! I actually wrote about a question you had put on the forum a few days ago. It's in my first paragraph of 11/17's blog entry. I apologize I didn't know you blogged, or would have put a link to your website! I love your blog! Most of all, your juicy bags!! So great! Best wishes, Careese