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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy birthday

Today was my birthday.
I don't expect much from birthdays anymore, but it's really nice when something makes me feel special on November 19th every year. 7:00 am and a little knock came on my bedroom door. Jon was still up from the night before and was in his office, still plugging away on writing code for his evening class.
Devon (my 16 year old son) came in carrying a plate and a glass- Breakfast in Bed- with a little homemade tent sign on it that said "happy birthday mom" Before I could thank him and get my eyes completely open, he was heading back out the door saying "wait, that's not all!"
Across the hall he went and I could hear him plugging his guitar into the amp:-) Suddenly the strains of a very well-practiced "Happy Birthday to you" are filling the house!
Sometimes teenagers really surprise you, ya know? It was the nicest present he could have given me. I had tears in my eyes and the biggest smile I could manage before a cup of coffee.
Next, Jon brought me some presents to open and a card. Jon's cards are amazing. He must know of some special card shop that I've never been to, because the cards that he buys for me ALWAYS make me cry. Not just a tiny wetness that makes your eyes swim either. I'm talking full-on blubbering.
Now, whenever he hands me a card, my eyes start tearing up before I even open the envelope:-)
As expected, it was a beautiful card, a lovely verse inside and his own added wonderful. Birthdays are great because they remind me what a lucky woman I am.
Then, another beautiful card with heartfelt sentiments from my sweet mom came in the mail...more happy teariness.

The middle part of the day was filled with running some errands. Had to go pick up one of my Juicybags that I sold last night so I could get it mailed out, dropped off some more things at work where they are having a craft fair tomorrow, stopped at the post office to get my Etsy orders shipped out.

Alison was at home when I got back with more birthday presents for me and a cute and funny card. In her card she actually thanked me for always taking care of her, but secretly I think that means she can't wait to get out from under my eye:-) She got me some sweet mini Christmas ornaments of Rudolph, Yukon Cornelius, the Abominable Snowman and Herbie the mis-fit elf. ("Herbie doesn't like to make toys!") When we moved to this house a few years ago, I misplaced a box of Christmas ornaments that were very precious to me. I'm still not sure if they might be lost in the crawlspace somewhere- I cling to that hope:-(
She knows I love all the old Christmas cartoons, so she also found a collectors edition of the old 60's classics: Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, the Little Drummer Boy (which still makes me cry everytime) and Frosty the Snowman. Will be fun to sit down and watch them one night with a fire going and some hot chocolate after we get the Christmas tree up.

Then tonight, poor Jon was exhausted and asleep by 5-ish, so I ordered sushi for all of us and went to pick it up. Now I'm working overnight. Not exactly my favorite thing to do on my birthday, but I had a very nice day leading up to it.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy now from birthday goodness:-)


Jessica said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm glad it was a good one:)

CT said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a special day! - CT

Amie Hartman said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice day to start the day!

treasurefield said...

Happy birthday (a little late!) That is SO sweet! I have teen kids like that, too. Which is why we moms cry at the drop of a hat, I think!
Wishing you many more!
:) Alisa R.