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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great Craft Fair + Etsy Gifts I Bought

The craft fair yesterday at Herbert Spencer Elementary in New West was fantastic! I was selling fast and furious and it was so nice to hear so much positive feedback on my work. The day was perfected by running into an old friend of my mine who I worked with for years at Children's Hospital. It was so great to see her again. Her daughter is 13 and she said she and her friends had heard that the "Juice Bags Lady" was going to be there and they were very excited...COOL! She was so cute, I let her pick out a present for free. She picked a Cherry wallet:-)

I sold so many things that I'm going to be scrambling this week to try get more things ready for the next one at Sunnyside Elementary this Saturday. Looks like there are going to be some other great sellers there too.

My Recent Awesome Gift Purchases from Etsy

I thought I would blog about some of the great giftsI found on Etsy. I can't post all of them, because certain people like to read my blog (ahem, my darling husband) but I will post a few anyway.

These first 2 are from one of my favorite shops called Nothing Like It. This girl is an amazing artist. Her stuff makes me laugh out loud:-) Here are the little ABC (already been chewed) Gingerbread Men for my Christmas tree. Hey- so I bought myself a couple gifts too, so sue me!
This reindeer ornament is hilarious too. I love the tongue sticking out, it just makes it perfect. I had to have this one. I justify these purchases because I misplaced (or maybe lost) some of my precious ornaments when we moved in 2005. That's a good reason, right? :-)
Check out her sold items. Everything she makes is one of a kind and she creates your items to-order. If you can imagine it, I think Robin can make it.

The next one are some amazing soaps I bought from Sunbasilgarden These are true works of art. Bacon and eggs soap with the scent of pancakes for my bacon-loving teenage son, and Gingerbread man soap with gingersnap scent for my sweet-loving daughter. This shop has lots of other soaps, not all novelty like this- many gorgeous colours, shapes and fragrances.

Next is a shop I found while reading the Promos forum on Etsy. There was a thread where you buy something from the last shop on the list and then someone else will buy something from your shop, etc. I clicked on JesseJanes Shop which happened to be last on the list at that time and YES!! I found the coolest pendants made from Scrabble tiles with images from the Twilight book series. My 18 year old daughter is a big Twilight fan, so I bought her this cool set of pendants that come wrapped in a tin box for giving. She is going to be so excited and thrilled when she opens this!

These are so neat! I found these Mario and Power-Ups Magnets by Spooons for my son who is a long-time Nintendo fan. (well, he's moved on to X-box 360 now, but he still has nostalgia for the mario-days) He will think these are really sweet. I found Spooons shop through this item which was running on OwnTheHour

Last one I can safely post....this is from Everythingsblue I think I found this shop through her a tweet on Twitter. This is the sweetest little Sweetheart pendant, it's made of resin and filled with real candy sprinkles. Another one for my daughter who loves cute stuff like this. Her jewelry is really interesting and fun.

Please check out all of these shops. They won't disappoint! Send me links to your fave shops too. I love to browse:-)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Congrats on your sales! Cute finds too :)

Nothinglikeit said...

Thanks for a stellar send up! I feel truly honored to be on such a wonderful blog!


Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks so much for including my shop! So glad you enjoy them. What a great day you had at your show...isn't that the best feeling!

Mary said...

♥ The Twilight Pendants are to die for! Thank you for including me! ♥