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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greener bag for the brown-baggers

Here's a new little bag I made tonight. I've been trying to think of a way to make a sturdy, reuseable lunch bag. This one is made from tropical fruit flavour Koolaid Jammers and trimmed with black binding which gives the seams extra strength. It closes with a double fold at the top and a strip of black velcro. Just the right size to fit inside a bag or backpack. too!

Just posted it for sale on my Etsy store. I think I might be making lots more of these.

Interesting craft fair today. It was set up beautifully, with lots of Christmas decorations and music, goodies and tea. It took Jon and I about an hour to get everything set up for display. It was laid out without space behind the tables (they were back to back) so there wasn't any space for crafters/sellers to sit. Good thing I had followed the organizer's instructions when she said we should put shop name and price tags on everything. They had a central cash where they collected the payments for the sellers. We stayed around for a little while, but when it was clear we were just going to be in the way, we decided to head out and do some shopping and get a few errands done.
The show runs through tomorrow as well, so everything gets left there overnight. I've already made more than my table fee for both days today, so I can sigh a relief and tomorrow's sales are gravy!


Christy said...

Hey have a very blog! Thanks for your comment. I believe that them also come in red, silver, black and white and maybe blue? Thanks for stopping by my blog, come visit anytime! I think you can expect some visits from me.....

Christy said...

very *interesting* blog......trying to nurse and type :)