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Friday, November 14, 2008

Snack bag pouches

This post is really for my promo girl in NC:-) She wanted to see my potato chip pouches. I made some of these a while back, but was never really happy with how they came out. Last weekend at the first craft fair- they were a big hit. I only had a few and sold them all, so I thought I'd try it again. They are a bit fussy to do, what with all the layers and turning them back out after sewing, etc. I figured out today while I was doing them that I think the reason I don't like doing them is that I can't see how well they have turned out until they are completely finished, and by that time it's kind of late to fix any mistakes.

Anyway, they are pretty cute. The inside is a soft red flannel lining and I added some wrist straps on the chip bags which are probably little-girl sized. There is a layer of strong vinyl sewn onto the outside, so it makes them quite tough.

My daughter Alison thinks these are my cutest products! I just wish I enjoyed making them more.


CarmenNC said...

OMG they are lined too! Cute as a button. They will make great gifts for women of all ages.

CT said...

They make for a great makeup pouch. Too cute! - CT

Meghan said...

These are too cha cha for words!