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Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Craft Fair

I made this wallet the other day in Christmas Colours. I think it looks really festive. Santa and Rudolph are just there to help create the mood...

Tonight I'm trying to get everything together for tomorrow's craft fair at:

Herbert Spencer Elementary School
605 Second St.
New Westminster, BC

10am- 4pm in the school gym.

It's been a hectic couple of days. I always feel pretty ragged when I'm working nights. I took my bags to the office the other day and left them there for yesterday's office craft fair. Only sold one wallet, but it's good to get exposure anyway. Besides, I've got 3 more craft fairs including tomorrow, and not much time for sewing. I'm working Tues-Fri days next week, then a craft fair on Saturday and then working that night as well. I have no idea when I'm planning to do ANY crafting.

I MUCH prefer online sales, even though they are less predictable. It's just lower maintenance. The craft fairs have been good experiences so far because it's so nice to get positive feedback on my work, but they take so much time and energy.

Well, back to my checklist now. Gotta make sure everything is packed and ready to go. Off to Devon's hockey game in an hour and I won't feel like doing all this when we get home.


BonTons said...

Wishing you lots of sales at the craft show!

Michelle said...

OHH I'm going anyways.. I'll look for you !!!!

CT said...

Good luck tomorrow...Happy're a pro now - CT