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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Table display needs work!

Here's my dry run of my table display for the craft fairs. This is just a coffee table, so I think the actual tables I will have will be larger. This isn't a great photo since I was doing this at night in a room with poor lighting. I will have a table skirt as well as the white cloth. I think I'll make some signs for prices for each type of item too. Perhaps I need the whole back of the table to be raised, not just the middle? (that's a box covered with a cloth)
The bags will be hanging from 2 grid walls that we had originally bought to hang our clothing items at the fitness club. I've been wanting to get rid of them for years but luckily (thanks to Jon who ignored my pleas to get rid of them) we still had them and the hanging rails too!
I am wondering if I'm going to need space on here for doing transactions, but I think I'll bring a clipboard for that instead. Let's hope I DO have some transactions!


CT said...

Here are some suggestions Helen. Raise the back so you have plenty of space, plus it will catch passers by. The signs are good but make sure that your prices are visable on each product. Most folks like to see the prices because they don't want to ask. I use a small side table (it's a like a TV/Computer table, you can purchase at Bed & Bath or WalMart)for my transactions, ie., receipt book, pen, calculator (sales tax table if you need on) scratch pad, credit card forms, bags, etc. Don't forget to take your business cards and lay them on the table for your customers. Also, if you have a newsletter, have some available and a form that your customers can sign up on. Also, take a cash drawer (that locks with a key...pick up at office supply place) with plenty of small bills and change...because you "will" have transactions! Oh and take some water and snacks or lunch. Good Luck! - CT

p.s. Above all relax and be yourself...say hello to each customer; introduce yourself to them; tell them you are a local artist and be passionate about your product, but don't be pushy. Don't take it personal if they don't buy...some folks come to browse and other are'll start to be able to read them as you get more experience!

TiLT said...

great advice from CT... I have seen tables with bags that have hooks along the front so some bags (not too long) can hang so it doesn't look too of luck

CT said...

That's a great idea Tilt! Hearts to you! - CT