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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Business Cards Work!

I got an email, then a call from a customer who had seen my bags at a craft fair recently. She picked up my card and ended up making a big order!
(Including a big beach tote like this one)

I just re-ordered my business cards today:-)

They really are great to have. When I'm out and someone asks about my wallet or my coin purse, I always have one of my business cards to give them. It's fun to see the hits to the website and where they come from. Really gives you the feeling that your cards are working!

Today will be spent going to my fave thrift shop that sells the $1 blue jeans to get more denim to make bags, then dropping off the above-mentioned customer's order. Then I've got to spend lots of time sewing. It's so hard to know how the craft shows will go in terms of traffic or sales, but I guess if I make lots of things and bring them home again I'll have lots of things to list in my Etsy Shop. I'm not listing any new items this week. No time! Next week-- listing frenzy:-) depending how things sell at the show this weekend.


Elly said...

Yes, I too have got my business card delivery through 48HourPrint which I ordered few days back.

Teresa said...

That's really cool! Congrats on your success! I got business cards and promo items too but I have yet to feel their effect. :(

CT said...

Promote...promote...promote! Business cards are the best way to promote. Don't forget to add one in each purchase too. - CT