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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 Reasons It Sucks Being a Teen's Mom

I could probably think of way more than 10, but I need to vent a bit tonight, and I don't want to slide over into complete and utter depression, so I'll stick with 10. I should probably be trying to think of 10 reasons that I LOVE being the mom of teens. It would likely be more productive, but I feel like whining. Feel free to join in. You know what they say about misery.

1) They think you are old, no matter how young you are.

2) They despise helping out around the house. It almost seems like you're causing them physical pain when you try to ask them to do anything.

3) They like to eat crappy food and they criticize your cooking. They view vegetables as if they were raw sewage (ok, maybe that's just my son. My daughter likes most veggies)

4) You cannot force them to do ANYTHING. Homework, studying, sleeping, eating well....yes, you can encourage but if they really don't want to they will find a way around it and thwart all your efforts.

5) They don't respect anyone else's property. They figure if it's in the house, it's fair game to be taken out and left at friends' houses-- never to return.

6) They think laws that they don't like are "dumb" They have no concept of the risks of things like driving without seatbelts or having 5 friends in the car with you when you're a brand new driver.

7) They lie....alot.

8) They don't crawl up your lap anymore and give you hugs 'just because' (not that you'd want them on your lap, but you know what I mean)

9) They stay in the shower too long and don't hang up their towels. Let's also throw in using too much shower gel and shampoo and never re-filling the dispensers. I don't think they know how to put the toilet roll onto the dispenser, never mind taking the empty one off.

10) Because looking at them reminds you that your sweet, cuddly babies are gone forever:-(


Leanne Lonergan said...

Oh I hear you!!!! You are not alone!!!! It was the constant picking up of wet towels that got me today!!!!!
We will get through this...I know we will!

Michelle said...

Poor Helen.I'm sorry that your son is not a cuddly person anymore.Anytime you need a pre-schooler you know where to look:)

Michelle said...

oh and I'll e-mail you later..

CT said...

Ditto that! But sometimes they will surprise you with a special moment and that I completely treasure. - CT

Helen said...

So true. I had one of those moments on my birthday last month and I do treasure it.

glorybe1024 said...

So true...I am the mom of a teen girl!

Angel said...

I will count myself very lucky.. I don't have a lot of those problems with Kaitlin, shes been a pretty great kid :)