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Monday, September 29, 2008

Two night shifts and a mini backpack

Just finished my two night shifts at work. I had to go into the office last night which always makes it a bit more of a challenge for me. I didn't sleep well after my first night, so I'm really mixed up now. It's nearly 1 AM and I'm still going strong here.
I bought some instructions online for the cutest little backpack today. I made it this evening and didn't make too many mistakes, although it was definitely a learning experience! I think this one is a big hit. Alison said even SHE wants one! :-)
It has a little cell phone pocket in the front, a drawstring closure around the top, and the straps are really cute, made by using cut up pouches backed with lining fabric, and trimmed with finishing tape.
It took me several hours to finish this one, but it was my first try. Next one should be quicker and easier. I have some cute bright pink fabric with blue flowers here, an extra piece I found at Walmart for under $2. I think I'll make a blue backpack with the pink lining next.

Off to bed now. Lots of busy days and nights just past and I need to recover!

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