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Sunday, September 21, 2008

More craftiness

I did some more sewing last night and today and completed 3 more bags. Devon thinks this smaller one is the best one so far...I guess he likes the graphics of the kids doing sports on it...perhaps a bit less childish for his sophisticated teenage tastes:-) I also did a little shoulder bag, just 2 pouches wide in orange with a fold-over top which is really cute. I have to get some velcro fastening tape for the flap closure and some plastic hardware to make the shoulder strap adjustable. Will post a photo when I'm done with it!
Got some jeans for fabric today from my buddy Yvette (thanks sweetie- that is Dave's Levi's on the smaller bag-heehee!) My previously discussed "pouch supplier" emailed me today and said she has 600 MORE pouches for me from today's catch of recycling. I have to hand it to her. She's got an 8 week old baby and she's out there helping her other son collect containers to raise money. She's incredible. (thank you Ingrid!)

Off to the hospital with Mom tomorrow so she can get her kidney stone 'shock-waved'. Will browse the fabric store for supplies while I'm waiting for her.

I'm having so much fun-- can you tell?

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