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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trying new options

Here's the little red bag I made today. I experimented some more with this one, adding a denim lining and the back pocket sewn in for a cellphone/pen pocket.
This one I learned a few things on-- test the fabric before using to see if it's stretchy. It's hard to sew with stretchy material!
I think making the lining would have been so much easier with nice non-stretch denim....although I do like the black with the cherry red drink pouches. It also looks more faded in some parts of the denim which I think looks cool.

Back to work in the morning for a set of 2 days and 2 nights, so probably won't get a lot of sewing done. Oh well....gotta make a living too!


Lauralyn said...

I love the pocket idea!! Very nice!
I like your ideas that you have added too - you creative thing you!!! :*)
Keep going...I love looking!

Helen said...

Thanks Lauralyn!
I am having so much fun with this. I'm going to try some wallets and even belts...stay tuned:-)

Angel said...

Helen, I only work 2-6 right now..but it's non-stop on my feet four hours straight. It's killing my feet on those concrete floors but I like the people I work with and the job is intersting and challenging..
Love the bags..! I will be buying one when I get paid..Id like to get kaiti one for xmas! do you do anything in black?

Helen said...

Well, I could do the sides in black, like the red shoulder bag, but the drink pouches are pretty colourful. There are purple pouches(grape) but maybe she'd prefer the Capri Sun pouches...all rather bright tho- no black.