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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Living room updates

Here's the living room before we bought the house, and then after I stripped the wallpaper (yeah, I know it doesn't look like wallpaper-why did they bother?) painted the walls (Warm Muffin) got our new couches (ordered from Inspiration Furniture and waited 6 months for them!) We also had new custom-fitted fireplace doors installed, hung new drapes, and added wood blinds. Eventually we'd like to get rid of the 1980's-dusty-rose carpeting and go hardwood or some other hard surface flooring. Perhaps an area rug (but at least one of the dogs thinks carpets are grass for some reason....hmmm) This room is probably my favorite room because (other than the carpet) it feels finished. At first we thought about installing a gas insert for the fireplace, but we actually really enjoy having real wood fires in the Winter. This room doesn't have great insulation, so it ends up getting pretty chilly in here.


Lauralyn said...

Hi there Helen...if you are putting in a hardwood floor, one thing to keep in mind...the dogs nails can really do damage...we found that out when my sis came and visited with her dogs...One idea that is really inexpensive...a gf of mine used it (suggested by her contractor cousin who has done this in several houses) take a thicker plywood and with a skillsaw put varying cuts (not all the way thru) then sand and stain and then paint on a varnish floor paint over...and it looks JUST like hardwood flooring and it is a lot cheaper and easy to install. They did their living room/dining area in a really dark color and the baby's bedroom in a distressed white...VERY nice, looks JUST like your regular wood floors and you can make the cuts so it looks like wide boards or narrow or a mix of both!!!

Helen said...

Wow, that sounds neat! We actually have a light hardwood on our stairs (you can see it in the foyer pictures) and throughout the upper level (except for the dining room, which also has this lovely dusty-rose-thank-you-1980 carpet. I don't know if it's because our dogs are so little (about 10 pounds each) but I don't see any real damage to the floors from their nails so far.

We were thinking maybe cork...I'm not sure. I don't want to have too many different floorings and we want tile in the entrance...we'll have to see.