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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little blue clutch..and more

Lots of sewing going on. I made this little clutch wallet yesterday. I like the way the pockets on the inside line up so that the graphic remains almost the same as the front of the pouch. (you can kind of see in the first photo) There are six pockets for cards, a place for a checkbook, and a paper money pouch and a velcro closure tab.

I also made a couple of more complex projects, a mini-duffle bag with a draw string top and a large duffle bag. The mini-duffel is really cute. I think I'll make a bunch of them in different colours. I dont think I'm ever going to tackle that large duffel bag project again. It was HUGE and difficult. I ended up using finishing tape to try to hide the disatrous mess I made of the circular end pieces. The drink pouches and the heavy lining material made the bag so stiff it was hard to work with. My fingers are full of pin holes from the many times I jabbed myself while struggling to finish it. Way too much work-- I'd have to charge $200 to make it even close to worth it...Haven't got time to take the pictures tonight- will post tomorrow.

Started a Halloween-themed bag tonight. Green (strawberry kiwi) and Orange pouches alernating on a large bag. I think it would work great as a shopping tote or beach bag. Photos to follow when I finish it.

Off to the thrift store in New West tomorrow, where a little birdie from Craigslist told me I can get jeans for $1 a pair.

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Teresa said...

This little clutch thing is adorable!