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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How about a shoulder bag?

This little bag took me longer because I needed to figure a way to do the flap closure and make an adjustable shoulder strap. Had to find the plastic parts to make the strap slide through. Added a velcro closure under the flap too. I love this little bag- perfect size for a lunch kit, a purse, or taking small toys to a friend's house to play....trying a red one next I think, perhaps adding a demin lining and inside pocket for the necessities (cell phone, Ipod:-) Maybe even a buckle closure in the front.

Took Mom for her lithotripsy procedure at VGH yesterday. It ended up being a full day. We left the house at 10:00 am and didn't get home till 7:00 pm. She had to have a CT scan, x-rays, you name it...but hopefully that kidney stone has been blasted to smithereens now. She's feeling fine- stayed overnight at our place because they said she shouldn't drive after the sedation. She just gone home now and I'm back to my sewing. It's a quiet day- love that sun, the sky is gorgeous!


Angel said...

how about Trick or Treat bags???that would be so kewl to make out of halloween candy bags?

Helen said...

yeah that would be cute! I need lots more orange pouches then:-) Oh, you mean make the bag out of candy packages, hmmm....the wrappers have to be layered with clear vinyl to make them strong. Don't know if I can make a big enough bag for trick or treating....when I was a kid I took a pillowcase, the bigger the better!! :-)