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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Downstairs bathroom...well, at least we like it now!

Here's some before and after shots of our downstairs bathroom. When we bought the house, this little bathroom was so dark, dingy and YUCK that we didn't even notice it had a shower stall in it, behind a wall next to the sink. We hired a design/contractor team to completely gut the room and start over. I can't even bear to tell you how much this all cost in the end. It turned out lovely, but there were many mistakes made along the way. (they installed the wrong size shower door and enclosure and it had to all be redone) It was a very painful process! Anyway...turns out the kids use that bathroom and we are stuck using the old upstairs bathrooms. We should have known better than to use all white tiles and grout. It's a real pain to keep clean, but at least we have a nice guest bathroom when anyone comes to stay. The shower stall is huge! Hard to take pictures because the room is quite small though. Favorite feature: Low-flow Toto toilet with a soft-close seat!

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