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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vinyl Wall Decals = Fun!

I just finished putting up some really fun wall decals that I bought on Etsy from a shop called Love Letters. They look great and I think they add a sense of humor to my laundry room and the kids' downstairs bathroom.

I was thinking of asking the shop owner if she would like to do a giveaway contest. I'm really pleased with the product and she was wonderful with creating these custom decals for me to my specifications.

If you know teenagers, you know that you sometimes wish you could charge for showers and supplies!

The bathroom is quite small, so it was hard to get a good photo of this one, but you get the idea:-)

Yeay! Rebekah from Love Letters has agreed to do a giveaway on my blog on Monday, so come back then to enter!


Young Momma said...

I love vinyl wall decals!!!! The laundry one is cute. I'm kinda jealous of your laundry room though! So big. And clean. And the washer and dryer!!! lol Anyway, as I try to stop drooling over your appliances and cleanliness. I'll be back on Monday for sure!!!

Sassy Mrs. said...

That is so cute! I love it!! I can't wait to move to our house in July, you give me such awesome ideas!

By the way, I wrote a fabulous new blog today =) its regarding my weight loss. I'm so excited!!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

The vinyl wall decals are really great...I wish I didn't live in an apartment now. Could have used one when my son was a Teenager..."Toxic Waste" would have been good on his door.

Beth said...

Ohhhhh! How fun are those? I love 'em!!

rachael said...

Those are super cute girl! They look great.

Hey you told me to message you with the info, so, if you check my blog and scroll down two posts to the one called, "painters and musicans", there is the link to that rock school posted.

Its called Mcrockskool.