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Friday, February 6, 2009

Gonna Be a Wordpress Girl

Jon is transferring my blog over to our own domain and we'll be using the Wordpress software for it. I'm excited because it's going to add lots more functionality:-) and FUN I hope!
I'd like to get customized 'look', something like Miranda's blog at Keeper of the Cheerios. I love the way her blog looks; so fresh, cute and fun, and it's so easy to follow her links to the different categories with the tabs across the top.

On a completely different subject: My oldest has (temporarily) flown the coop! She and her friend took a road trip to Calgary and are settling in for a yet-undetermined-length stay. They've barely got a dime left between them after the trip to get there (12 hours on a the highway through the mountains) but it sounds like they are doing okay so far. It's an uncomfortable feeling knowing she is so far away and that if she needed me urgently I wouldn't be able to get to her right away. She's been calling every day though. Even today I was looking up the Alberta Health advice nurse number for her. "Mom, I have such a sore throat, I can barely swallow!"
Then I see from her facebook photos, she was out clubbing last night (their first night in town!) so maybe she used her voice a bit too much...? heehee...
It's so true what they say about being a mom: It never ends. My mom still worries about me and my sibs, so why would I be different? Just gotta hope that some of the stuff I've been nagging about for 19 years sunk in, right?


Michelle said...

Hi there ,We have the drink pouches,I repeat We have drink pouches.It's hard when your oldest moves out of the nest.Good luck to her.

Sassy Mrs. said...

your moving to wordpress? aww. i have wordpress for my jewelry website (wordpress comes with the package), but i love blogger for my personal blog.

as far as the customizing of your blog, i think any good WAHM blogger designer can help you create the perfect look you want. there is so much you can do with blogger, you just have to find a good designer that knows their stuff about html and css coding. i do know that most WAHM blog designer's only work with blogger and not wordpress.

also, the $10 charge to have your $10 to have your own custom domain, isn't that bad either.

anyways, if you do decide to move, please check out this site:

they do my hosting for my jewelry site and i love them! plus, they are "green" so thats a plus.

keep us posted on the transition!

Helen said...

thanks so much for the info! I think hubby's got the domain already sorted out. Just more tweaking and getting a nice look before we transfer it all over. Will definitely keep ya posted!

Helen said...

Hey Michelle- we'll have to get together so I can get the drink pouches from you!

Laura said...

My mother is 75 and she still worries about me and my brother, and I still cry on her shoulder. I hope I follow in her footsteps. Now, I guess, you really need to learn how to read your daughter in a whole different way.

Michelle said...

Hi Helen do you still have my home number? if not please e-mail me again for it.Oh and b/c of safeway having them on for 2 for $7 last week ,we have a ton.;-)