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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Twitter- my new addiction

Twitter is fun! Kind of like something between a chat room and a blog. I know it's not new, but it's new to me! It's a good way to spread the word about my blog and my Etsy store too.
Check it out and follow me (juicybags) if you want to. I've got my Twitter updates posted in the left column here too.

I've been working all day yesterday and today, so haven't done any sewing. I've been cutting open and cleaning, and then drying the juice pouches instead. That's the 'dirty' part of the job. I found a little white plastic scraper that helps get the adhesive off the pouches more easily. (my fingernails were taking a beating before) It feels good to be making useful stuff out of something that would end up in the landfills though. Jon tells me there are stats somewhere that say that these little foil juice pouches have one of the lowest rates of return of all the returnable drink containers! Probably because they are usually taken to school by kids who just chuck them into the garbage when they are done:-(
I wish I knew a way to re-direct those empty pouches to me! Let me know if you have any ideas.
(although by the time these craft fairs are over I might be so sick of sewing that I never want to make another bag- we'll have to see)

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