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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alison did some modelling for me

Alison agreed to model the bags for my Etsy shop. These 2 shots are really cute- one silly and one sweet. I swear, she gets prettier every time I look at her.

We went to my brother Brian's place tonight for his 50th birthday party. I'm not supposed to have siblings that are 50! How did that happen? Well, he'll be a grandfather for the 3rd time in a few months too. I heard his little grandson call hiim grandpa tonight-- that was weird! Saw my neice Samantha and her guy Keith. They seem really happy and Sam looks beautiful, as always. We are all thinking PINK for her. They will try to find out the baby's gender next month:-)


Teresa said...

Those are really cool! They remind me of those recycled bags they sell in Whole Foods that are made in the Philippines using juice containers. Very cute! :)

Miranda said...

I love those bags and your model is absolutely beautiful too :)

If I wasn't so far away my 2 kiddos could be a wonderful supplier! We go through way too many juice pouches.

Helen said...

how sweet of you Miranda. I love your blog by the way! Great looking pages!!

Yes, I need more pouch suppliers. My husband says those juice pouches have the lowest rate of return of all drink containers...I guess they look too much like trash.