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Monday, October 20, 2008

Why does this happen?

Experienced sewers...can you tell me why my machine does this? I'll be sewing along and everything looks great on the top side, then I hear a little telltale 'click' from the bobbin and I know THIS is what I'm going to find underneath. What I do then is re-thread the machine and the bobbin and it seems to work fine again...but then it happens again later...can't figure out


Susan said...

With me, it's usually one of these:

wrong needle size, try bigger

gunk under the throat plate--take it off and sweep around there

cheap thread or thread that just doesn't get along with your material--in this case--vinyl

Wish there was one simple answer. Hope one of these is a solution for you.

PinkWaterFairy said...

It might be because you have put your bobbin in the wrong way round/wrong way up

Helen said...

Thanks for the replies! I will play with the tension and see if that helps. I have been using some double sided tape and sometimes I sew through it, so that might be gunking things up...will check. The bobbin is definitely loaded correctly because I've been really been careful with that.
Thanks again!

clothREvisited said...

Okay, this might be really obvious, but when I was first learning to sew, I used to forget to hang onto my lead threads and they'd get sucked down under and eventually create the "rats nest"...You probably already know about that, but that's my 2 cents worth :)

Also, regarding the needle size: Are you using regular weight thread (i.e., not embroidery or denim weight thread)? If you are using a heavier weight thread, you need a needle that has a larger eye (Bernina calls it a "cordonnet" needle).
And another suggestion: Regarding using double stick tape which is so wonderful to hold things together when you're sewing on difficult materials, there is a product out there that is expressly for that type of thing but does not create "gunk" in your machine. I have not personally used it, but noticed it at JoAnn because I have tried other things for that purpose and not had good results. Sorry I don't remember the name but I bet if you went to your local craft or sewing center, they might know what you were talking about. Good Luck!

Helen said...

Thanks- I think I do need to find a different kind of tape to use. I will check around!

Manderly-Rose said...

Helen, something else to look at regarding your machine. Open up the bobbin area, and take a little brush and brush over as much area as you can. The brush will collect lint, sometimes lint you can't even see. If you can, pop out the bobbin holder too (my machine it pops out easily, not sure about all machines), and get that good and clean.

Regarding the needle, I like the denim needle for heavy duty sewing. It seems to hold up well. Hope that helps!